Several of our cases are used as case-studies in “Public Wrongs, Private Actions: Civil Lawsuits to Recover Stolen Assets”, published by the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative, a partnership of the World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

“Corruption and Misuse of Public Office”, in its 2nd edition with the Oxford University, Tim Daniel is a co-author.

Combating money laundering and recovering looted gains – raising the UK’s game”, Transparency International UK publication, James Maton is co-author, 2009.

Closing down the safe havens“, published by Transparency International UK

Is the UNCAC an effective deterrent to grand corruption?“, chapter by Tim Daniel and James Maton  in “Modern Bribery Law”, published by the Cambridge University Press, edited by Jeremy Horder and Peter Alldridge.

“Plundering the Treasure Chest: the theft of sovereign wealth and the role of private enterprise in asset recovery programmes”, paper co-authored by James Maton with John Louth of the Royal United Services Institute and Angela Barkhouse of Kroll.

“Recovering Stolen Assets”, two chapters by James Maton and Tim Daniel in Mark Pieth’s book, “Civil proceedings to recover corruptly acquired assets of public officials” and “General Sani Abacha: a nation’s thief.”